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Lead singer of Daughter, Elena Tonra also known as her stage name Ex:Re was born on January 1990 and was raised in Northwood, London. She began having a passion for music when she got a copy of Jeff Buckley’s album, Grace.

She used writing as a coping mechanism because she used be bullied at her previous school. She changed schools at the age of 12. Before Daughter, Tonra performed at acoustic shows around London.

Tonra met Haefeli when they were both attended at London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance studying a course in songwriting.

Indie folk band, Daughter was formed in 2010 with lead vocalist and guitarist Elena Tonra, Remi Aguilella (drummer), and Igor Haefeli (guitarist). The following year, they independently released two EPs, His Young Heart and The Wild Youth.

In 2012, Daughter signed to 4AD and put out their single, Smother. They debuted their first album, If You Leave in 2013. The emotional, and melodic vocals with a contrast of acoustic guitar, and drums in the album brought tracks such as, Still, Human, Youth, and Lifeforms to life. A year later, they collaborated with composer Joe Duddell on the EP, 4AD Sessions. It featured tracks from, If You Leave.

The band started working on their sophomore album, Not to Disappear which was released in 2016. The ten track album included singles such as, Numbers, No Care, and Doing the Right Thing.

A year later, Daughter put out their third album, Music From Before The Storm. It was a soundtrack to the prequel to video story based game, Life Is Strange. The title of the game that the band did the soundtrack for was called, Life Is Strange: Before The Storm.

Daughter decided to go on a hiatus to work on their own music separate from the band. The lead singer, Elena released her self titled 2018 solo album under the name of Ex:Re.


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