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Dream State officially released their album, Primrose Path which contained the tracks, Primrose, Hand in Hand, Open Windows and the latest single Twenty Letters.

In an interview with Kerrang, CJ mentions about the title of the album quoting, “It’s called Primrose Path and its an idiom meaning: someone whos in the pursuit of pleasure, even though they know its gonna bring disastrous results. Weve all been there once in our lives.

She carried on, discussing the lead single Primrose; You can hear it in [lead single] Primrose; it was a big realisation of the cycle I was stuck in. I was still drinking a lot of nights and finding myself trying to self-medicate, and having a lot of health anxiety, too. I was agitated a lot and not as friendly as I would have liked to have been, just from stress I had a lot going on. I learned a lot about myself during that time.”

The follow up single, Hand in Hand is the third track of the record, it discusses about being in endless cycle of depression and trying to escape. It highlights from an outside perspective, and it’s CJ’s way of saying that is okay to reach out for help when you are too afraid to ask. 

In the somber and guitar driven opening track, Made Up Smile, CJ brings up that you shouldn’t be tied down to people standards and turn into ‘a clone’, or a perfect version of yourself and embrace your true self and passion.

Primrose Path progresses with Are You Ready To Live? In the lyrics towards the end of the song it’s says, ‘You can’t wait for good luck. You’ve got to pull yourself together, ‘cause hard times aren’t forever.’

This implies that, you have to make things happen and not wait around for life to give you a short cut, or an easy way out. It has an emphasis of electronic pop and hardcore rock in terms of their production on the track.

CJ explains the dream-like single Twenty Letters quoting, “It was about a time in my life where it was a make or break moment. Societys standardised ways of living were crippling; I was constantly carrying the pain of others around me and I started to face the shadow aspects to my own personality and felt trapped and tormented by my own mind.”

She also mentioned that is one of her favourite singles of the album. CJ discusses the importance of mental health, and how it highlights the meaning of Open Windows quoting, It’s important that you keep taking the punches. Its not easy for any living creature in this world, its a battle for everyone, but its amazing what you flowers can bloom at the end of it.


Overall, I felt a range of emotions with Primrose Path and having an personal experience with the record. CJ mentioned that she wants a real, honest connection with the fans and other members of the band through the music they are releasing. Also, I would recommend this album if you’re interested in hard core music, or finding a band to listen to.

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