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Yonaka (YONAKA) is a British alternative rock band based in Brighton and formed during 2014 with Teresa Jarvis (vocalist), Alex Crosby (keyboardist and bassist), George Edwards (guitarist), and Robert Mason (drummer). Their music is a combination of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Royal Blood, with their edgy rock production.

The band performed at Radio 1’s Big Weekend and debuted their self-released EP, Heavy in 2017. Yonaka did an interview with NME around the same year, and Alex mentioned about the band’s music genre quoting,

“It’s weird that we dont necessarily fit into one particular genre, but I like that. I think now its less cliqueyand theres less snobbery about genres. It seems like the general public; especially young people are a lot more open minded to a wider genre of music now. And I think we create the way we consume.”


They released two more EPs the following year, Teach Me To Fight and Creature. On May 2019, Yonaka officially debuted their album, Don’t Wait For Tomorrow. Also, around the same month they got signed to Fueled By Ramen.

The LP tackles the band’s dreams of being a rockstar and implications of it; as well as their struggles with mental health and being in toxic relationships. In a interview Teresa mentions her issues and the message behind Don’t Wait For Tomorrow quoting,

Sometimes you feel really lonely, like ‘It’s just me, Im going to die. To know someone else feels the same way I do, that helped me when I wasnt feeling good. Ive got family and friends who suffer with depression and it really gets heavy on people. Peoples brains, they can take over and put you in this horrible place. ‘Don’t Wait Til Tomorrowis a message to let you know youre not alone. Other people are going through the same stuff and you can reach out and talk to someone.

This implies that, we are all the same and people dealing with similar issues as you; which Yonaka showcases in their music. Six months after the release of their album, they started going on their tour and the U.K. and Ireland.


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