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As a creative media practitioner with over 15 years' experience, I have developed a wide range of digital content working as a graphic designer, website developer, and video producer.

I genuinely believe that innovation is in my DNA and during the many years I spent working in the music industry, even as a DJ, I enjoyed being around likeminded individuals and still remain completely enthralled by the scene's vibrant energy.

Despite the success of social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud, I have seen many gifted musicians struggle to find a suitable platform they enjoy using that also helps them promote and earn revenue from their music.

Moreover, not one of the aforementioned sites offers a personal experience that is unique to the artists' fan base. As a result, many years ago, I explored the idea of developing mobile apps for musicians, and out of this struggle, Musik Lemon was eventually born.

Our aim is to serve artists, bands, and musicians by helping them to make money, reach new audiences, and gain greater independence over their creative output.

About Musik Lemon

Musik Lemon is an exciting new mobile web application designed specifically for iOS, Android, and Windows/Nokia smartphones to help artists, bands, and musicians aggregate their main social feeds into a single profile page.

The Musik Lemon profile page is often used by industry people to monitor online presence and popularity, this is done by the generated Google news feeds which pulls in all related articles written about the artists/bands across the internet.

"If you cannot find any articles on you, then maybe this is an area you may wish to pay more attention too."

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We at Musik Lemon are working to build an online music directory/magazine style platform that will help fans and industry people find music artists, bands, musicians and businesses stay up to date with their careers by aggregating the artists, band or musicians social media content and news articles created online through various sources.

Our goal is to (eventually) be the go-to website for fans and industry people worldwide to find their what they need to know about new and current artists/band/musician.

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"Helping you the artists monitor fan activity to create a better online presence."

What Is Musik Lemon?

Here at Musik Lemon, we believe in using technology to helps artists, bands and musicians build sizeable fan bases, and have noticed the primary concern aired by most music makers is the lack of control they have over the various platforms where their content is showcased.

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Subsequently, the idea behind Musik Lemon was driven solely by the desire to develop a purposeful, accessible, economic and user-friendly platform where musicians can share their content in an environment that is easily accessible by the fan.